Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pets on Parade 2017

Hello Quilty's that time of the year again...Pets on Parade 2017. Lots of adorable pets, quilting and prizes! 
So lets get one with it...Here is my trusty friend Guinness. 
He is modeling my newest finish Harvest time. Such great fall colors! Guinness blends right in.

Does this quilt my my butt look fluffy?
The fabric and pattern are from on of my favorite shops that is now closing. I am so sad, the owner always had some great fabric. I can forgive her...she and her husband are going to retire and maybe go on a vacation.  This shop always included a backing with buying a quilt kit. Do any of your shops do this?
Guinness is an Airedale Terrier, he is just about the sweetest boy I have ever had. 
Right now thought he is driving me a little nuts. The neighbors just got a puppy...and mister nosy posy wants to go to the neighbors yard and barks and barks and will not listen when I call him in. I keep telling him if he doesn't behave I am going to sell him to the gypsys, I think he knows I am bluffing! I Love this fluffy boy too much.
Be sure to check out Lily Pad Quilting Pets on Parade 2017. 
Until I see you again wishing you Quilty Hugs~ Heide  

Lily Pad Quilting Pets on Parade 2017


  1. Airedales the greatest dogs ever! You can tell we have one too!!!! Love the pictures and the quilt. Hugs, Susie xx

  2. Oh, what a handsome boy! And a great name, too! Best of luck to you and His Fluffiness!

  3. Guinness is one handsome and happy boy; it looks like the quilt was made especially for him.

  4. I agree he is a handsome fella. Makes me want another pooch. We lost our boxer about 8 months ago. But there is so much work to t o keeping them and at 70 I can't do a puppy justice. Guess I just stick with my cat.

  5. He is a beautiful dog and obviously wants to share his love of life with the puppy next door. Love the colours of your quilt though rather sad to think Fall is just round the corner.

  6. Guinness is still so handsome and he poses so nicely. That quilt makes his butt look perfect :)

  7. I love your photos of Guinness! Can't blame him for being neighbourly!

  8. He is an adorable dog and quite the model too!! Great photo shoot!